New Element Great Health Industry Group established in 2005 is a leading brand of great health management in China. Currently, it has been transformed from focus of manufacturing and marketing enterprise of traditional medical devices into forming platform of providing various health management services such as chronic disease management, wearable devices, exercise rehabilitation, inquiry of traditional Chinese medicine and clinic, etc. Based on the philosophy of "A New Start for Health", New Element has set up a service mode of the first online hospital and online hospital + health station, creating a new standard of chronic disease management to provide the public new and full-course services (including pre-hospital service, in-hospital service and post-hospital service) of chronic disease management.

Corporate Vision:

Open up the industrial chain of China health management service

Provide the public full-course interactive medical service and life-long health O2O service

Mission :

Focus on health and advocate healthy life style


Customer first, respect and coordination, initiative and activeness, pursuit of excellence

Operation Philosophy:

Ensure customer get maximum health profit by minimum investment

Management Philosophy:

Scientific management, innovation and enterprising spirit

Talent Philosophy:

Adhere to the peopele-oriented idea and make the best use of talents